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FORTRESS Outward / Inward Missions / Visitors

Outward Missions

  • 1992 and 2001 Germany (Organic Farming)
  • 1993 Ghana initiating the first Bonsmara semen sale there
  • 1994 Australia visiting CRO and Belmont Red Breeders near Brisbane, Queensland
  • 1997 United States of America, Texas A&M and visiting Oklahoma Testing Station and the University in Texas
  • 2008 Argentina & Brazil – visiting Feedlots, Abattoirs, Tanneries, Cattle Farms and 'no till' operations.

Visitors from Foreign Countries

FORTRESS believes exchange of practical experiences and human relations will be one way of improving tolerance and make the world more peaceful. FORTRESS is proud to have welcomed visitors from Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, Holland, Italy, Japan, Lesotho, Namibia, Russia, Switzerland, United States of America, Zambia and Zimbabwe. When you visit FORTRESS Farms by prior arrangement, please rest assured that you will experience the hospitality that South Africans are well known for.

Farmers’ Days From Time to Time

Practical lessons on cattle selection, cattle care, pasture improvement and other farming related subjects are organised on demand.

Zakhe students learning about compost

FORTRESS regularly sponsors visits of the final year learners (matriculants) of the ZAKHE Agricultural Institute in Baynesfield, Natal.

The students are given a lecture about FORTRESS activities and during a tour around the farm they are interacting with them about the practical applications of farming on FORTRESS.

Experience Exchange

An “open book” policy regarding any aspect including financial details of farming has made FORTRESS many friends. They welcome visits by other farmers and also like to visit them. They encourage sporadic and repeated exchanges of experiences and are very open to criticism and new promising experiments. Feel free to contact FORTRESS.