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Welcome to our web site / Introduction

Burkhard Herrmann of FORTRESS Bonsmaras is a retired businessman from Johannesburg (Gauteng, RSA). His partner and manager, Guillaume Strydom is a farmer who grew up in the Frankfort area (Free State, RSA) on his own farm Wildedaggakraal.

Business-directed judgement


Burkhard Herrmann, immigrated from Germany to South Africa in 1967 where he established a successful business undertaking. By 1990 his hankering for farm life became so compelling that he decided to purchase the farm FORTRESS, some 12 km north-west of Frankfort, Free State. It is a beautiful farm (2.925 ha) with a river frontage of 17,5 km situated in a horseshoe bend of the Wilge River at the southern tip of the Vaal Dam. Later farm Sweetwater (216 ha, east of Frankfort) was acquired. Since 2000 Wildedaggakraal (750 ha) was hired.

Experts were reluctant to recommend a specific breed of cattle, but the late Professor Cas Maree, world-renowned animal husbandry scientist at the University of Pretoria, offered this advice: “If you love your cattle you will succeed with any breed”. So they chose Bonsmaras because of the breed’s long history of compulsory performance testing, outstanding characteristics and their confidence that the breed would thrive well in this farm’s environment.

Future Vision

Retaining and creating happiness, enthusiasm, hard work and love for detail by a motivated FORTRESS team, listening to visitors and clients, observing others carefully when visiting their farms ….. making friends! To treat our people, our animals, our soils with respect and try to create a sustainable future. Building a better future for the FORTRESS community and contributing to a life in harmony for all South Africans.

Food Security

South Africans consume per capita according to the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome an annual average (estimated 2013):

18.03 kg
100.1 kg 60.13 kg
1.27 kg

Cattle meat per person
Maize per person
Wheat per person
Soya beans per person

FORTRESS produces per annum approximately:

1 080 000 kg
4 500 000 kg
600 000 kg
300 000 kg

Cattle meat
Soya beans

Considering the statistics of the FAO, FORTRESS farm enterprise gives Food Security to the below stated numbers of South African Citizens:

  For Cattle Meat : 59 900 persons per year
  For Maize : 44 955 persons per year
  For Wheat : 9 978 persons per year
  For Soya beans : 236 220 persons per year

You can find us at the following addresses:

FORTRESS Bonsmaras
P O Box 630
Frankfort, Free State
Republic of South Africa

GPS Coordinates:
S 27° 11' 17,5"
E 28° 25' 20,5"

Guillaume Strydom, Farm Manager:
Mobile : +27 (0) 82 775 1726
E-mail :

Burkhard Herrmann, Owner:
Mobile : +27 (0) 82 651 1330
E-Mail :


In Frankfort, North Eastern Free State, drive in a northerly direction in J J Hadebe Street on the gravel road towards Oranjeville for ± 5 km, turn left at FORTRESS sign and drive for ± 8,5 km.