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FORTRESS Social Involvement:

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

FORTRESS is committed to do their part in uplifting families of their workers as well as the community they live in. Detailed programmes are repeatedly negotiated with their workers and local rural community leaders.

They include:

  • Skills development
  • Business development
  • Black equity
  • Development of Black apprentices
  • Black management training
  • Preferential procurement
  • Social contribution to Black development



Some workers are given the opportunity to be housed on FORTRESS with their families in solid stone houses with electricity, water and their own gardens.

Others chose to be paid a monthly housing allowance to enable them to acquire their own houses in the local Frankfort community.

The majority of FORTRESS workers have with the help of additional housing allowances, elected to reside in Namahadi, a suburb of Frankfort and they are provided with free bus transport by FORTRESS to their work place.

Adopt a Tree

In 1994 this scheme was specially designed for upliftment of the wives of FORTRESS workers, who can in their own time and by their own decision attend to tree planting, watering and care, allowing them to fulfil their normal private duties in their homes and additionally earn extra income and beautify the farm. FORTRESS provides water, compost, plastic bags and tree seeds free of charge. The tree seeds are either collected on the farm itself (i.e. acorns) or purchased. They are initially planted near their houses under shade cloth at nursery conditions, later all over the farm and tended to until no more watering and weed control is necessary. Payment is effected as a result of good care per number of trees grown from a seed and on annual growth of these trees.



FORTRESS gives 22 children from Namahadi, Frankfort an opportunity to attend school in a peaceful and safe environment by providing daily bus transport to and from FORTRESS. They expose the learners to new technology by giving them computers to practice on.

Proactive Wildlife Management by FORTRESS Soccer Team

This practice on FORTRESS allows them to harvest wildlife by encouraging visiting Wingshooters and Hunters to make donations to further developments of the FORTRESS School and sponsor some of the FORTRESS Soccer Team equipment and other social projects.

Botho Orphanage Centre


A widow felt the need to care for orphans (mainly AIDS orphans) in Namahadi, Frankfort.  She houses in her private home 16 orphans and has become their “mother”.  FORTRESS assists with food, furniture, linen, building extensions and maintenance and some other needs as expressed by Mrs Engelina Ntuping, the widow.

Partnership: Lapanang Rural Construction CC

Lapanang is a black owned building company in which FORTRESS holds a 49 % share. FORTRESS provides finance, business skills and administration. Lapanang specialises in building with natural stones apart from most other building activities for FORTRESS and other clients in the Frankfort Area.

Conserving The Heritage (Dry Walling with Natural Stone)

Some farm buildings are over 120 years old. In order not to let them deteriorate FORTRESS in partnership with Lapanang Rural Construction CC (BEE partner) restores and rebuilds them.